Morning Rituals

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Morning Rituals & Self Awareness

I have always been a morning person. I find that it is the one time of the day that it is quiet. Before the hustle and bustle. I usually make coffee, sit with my pups, and practice gratitude with a few deep breaths. It’s a time to be slow. Since I’ve become a full time yoga teacher I am teaching a lot of early morning classes. So the most sacred part of my day became the most hectic and I lost my ritual, the small moments that make me feel prepared for the day.

One of the most life giving things yoga has given to me is the ability to develop self-awareness.

After a few rough weeks of feeling overwhelmed, not eating enough food through the day and drinking half a bottle of wine at night my inner voice, my intuition, spoke up. It raised its hand and said “um excuse me! Something’s got to change sister!” After a few tears and a conversation with Brennan I felt like I had some tangible things to change about my schedule to get my mornings back and my time to be slow.

It’s really important in the busy lives we lead to feel rooted and grounded even before walking out the door in the morning.

Otherwise you start to forget things.. like where you put your sunglasses and your phone, pack all of your food for the day and leave it sitting on the kitchen counter, spill your coffee, miss your exit, or feel overwhelmed before you even get to work, the list goes on and on. When I initially started this blog post I wanted to create a list of morning rituals to incorporate through your day to feel rooted and grounded. Then I thought why don’t I source some of this information from my best yogi & yoga teacher friends to share with you all. So here it is.

Wisdom from some of the wisest.


Morning rituals from yogi’s and yoga teachers

Whitney: “Taking a walk to get coffee to connect with people.”

Effie: “Working out first thing in the morning is how I get ready for my day!”

Jacob: “Taking a long quiet walk. It gives me time to ground down and the chance to reflect on yesterday, and see if anything from the day before can be applied to today. Most importantly it reminds me that it is ok to walk. I don’t have to rush through everything.”

Kathleen: “Taking a long hot shower to take a few more moments to relax.”

Tim: “Make coffee. The physical actions and sensory connection of making the coffee is what I love about it. Plus it wakes me up!”

Kristal: “A quiet mindful meditation while still under the covers and then go snuggle my daughter Brenna.”

Michelle: “Wake up, work out, make a shake.”

Jodi: “Sleeping in! But who are we kidding that doesn't happen very often! The real answer is oil pulling. Why? The act of doing it feels detoxifying plus it makes my teeth whiter.”

Today in my morning ritual, the very first thing I do is wash my face and go through my skincare ritual. As I rapidly approach 30, taking care of my skin has become priority number 1! Then I make a warm drink. It's either some concoction of lemon, apple cider vinegar, fresh grated ginger, honey or an herbal tea. I close my eyes, feel the warmth of the cup and reaffirm that I can and will have impact for the greater good in this world.

I remind myself to stay mindful. To slow down and respond vs. react. 

A ritual doesn’t have to be an hour long or even 10 minutes long. The point of a ritual is something that you do every day to remind yourself to stay mindful and present. It requires your full attention for however long you are doing it and only it!

My question for you is this: what is one small morning ritual that you can incorporate to the beginning of your day to remind yourself that you’ve got this, you are worthy, ready and prepared for whatever life has to throw at you for the day?

It seems a majority of my yogi friends say to either, workout, meditate, have a warm beverage and connect. And that is a lot of wisdom right there with lots of health benefits to come. Combine all of them together and that’s like the perfect day to me! Feel the warmth of your coffee cup on your hands, breath in the smell before you taste it. Use your breath in that intense morning workout or your vinyasa flow. Connect with your partner, chat with the barista, or call a family member to connect. Give some one a hug and tell them you love them.

Be grateful for the time you have to focus on this and only this and do it with a sense of joy.

Commit to doing it, even on the days where you wake up later than you intended or on the wrong side of the bed. 

Nattiel Pierson